#633RA - 1970 Mustang Mach

#633RA - "OVER THE TOP!!!" - 1970 Mustang Mach I Restomod. The engine is a custom
427 SOHC cammer motor that pushes out a whopping 630 HP. These were very rare engine
being only 500-700 ever made in 1964 by Ford. This one is extremely rare as it was also a
Holman and Moody racing engine. The transmission is a built C-6 with a shift kit and a 3500
stall converter. The rear end is a Ford 9" Detroit Locker with 350 gears. The suspension is a
Martz 4 link. It also has a full Martz chassis as well. The car has 4 wheel Wilwood power disk
brakes. The rotors are vented and slotted for better braking. The wheels are 17" American
racing polished alloys wheels. The car has custom autometer gauges. The car also has A/C
and power steering which was added. This was finished a couple months ago and just stored
in the garage. It has never been used since full restoration. It has 1 test mile on it. The body
received a full rotisserie restoration. It is all metal with no filler. The interior was all replaced
and well as the custom suspension, drivetrain, etc.  $135,000

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Is The Joker Car From The New Batman Movie...A Truck?

Our gadget-obsessed brothers snagged some pics of a vehicle a tipster snapped shots of at a filming location for the new Batman movie. The boys at the Giz believe it's the vehicle for Joker from the new movie. We're not so sure and although it's certainly bigger than the new ride for Batman kind of feel like it could be one of the "secondary" vehicles. We're still hoping for a purple 1950's Plymouth ourselves. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Can't wait for the Giugiaro Mustang? Here's another Italian thoroughbred

First, let's get a few things straight. The U69 is an American muscle car modified by an Italian tuner and vehicle importer that goes by the name UK Garage and is based in Milan.

Under the hood, this tuned pony car packs a supercharged version of Ford's quadcam 4.6L V8 that develops 490hp and is mated to a five speed manual gearbox. Top speed is a claimed 174mph, while the 0-62mph is done in just 4.3 seconds. If all this seems too much, a less powerful naturally aspirated version with 330hp is also available, as is an automatic transmission, but the less powerful motor reduces 0-62mph times to 5.4s. The car also comes with an Eibach lowering kit and a Borla Superflow exhaust.

Interested buyers will have to scrounge up the equivalent of $74,000 for the Italian Mustang, and then make the tough decision of what color to pick from a choice of either yellow, red, white, orange, or silver. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

2009 Hot Wheels Synkro Track Stars

Below is a picture of the 2009 Hot Wheels Synkro and is number #063 in the Track Stars series. It has a Red paint job, with Yellow, Black, Gold, and White tampos, Number '8' on the sides and hood, Unpainted Malaysia Base, with Red and Black OH5SP wheels.

2009 Hot Wheels Synkro Track Stars

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Monster Truck Crash Compilation

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Toyota Trucks

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Nothing can beat a truck and imagine when you are playing an online game which includes a monster truck. Sounds great! Yes, the people who love to play online games which include thrill and adventure should surely turn to the monster truck game which involves huge truck which looks more like a monster. The monster truck game has outrun all the other adventurous games in the internet as it actually gives the feeling of riding a monster vehicle and fighting all through your way.
Monster Truck Games
The monster truck online game has become very famous not only among the young people, but the old people and the middle aged people also love to play this game. Amid the racing games, the monster truck has no comparison. This free flash online game has rocked the world with its superb 3d graphics. The people cannot actually witness or have not yet got any opportunity to ride any huge vehicle should definitely opt to play the monster truck game as it gives a superb feeling. The different colored monster trucks and speed makes a great game to play.
A lot of portals are available in the internet which offers the different monster truck games. You can select anyone which excites you the most. The various trucks in the various stages keeps you glued in the game for a very long time.
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Kenworthtruck gesehen in Bregenz, Vorarlberg.
Kenworth near Sears Boyle Heights , Los Angeles.
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'Monster Truck' crushes

'Monster Truck' crushes this is a video.
 Monster Truck  crushes
here's the pimped out version Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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